Ukraine’s single Bradley infantry fighting vehicles destroyed column of Russian MT-LB armored vehicles

A Ukrainian M2A2 ‘Bradley’ infantry fighting vehicle successfully destroyed an entire column of Russian light armored vehicles near Avdiivka.

Aerial drone footage showcased the Ukrainian Bradley engaging and neutralizing a convoy of three Russian MT-LB multi-purpose armored personnel carriers in the vicinity of Stepove, within the Avdiivka region.

The attack destroyed the Russian light armored vehicles, prompting some social media users to wryly note that when three Russian MT-LBs encounter a single Ukrainian Bradley, they seem to turn into a colander.

Manufactured by BAE Systems, the Bradley is a tracked armored vehicle capable of transporting up to 10 soldiers and is typically armed with a 25mm chain gun and anti-tank guided missiles. While the U.S. Army has approximately 2,400 Bradleys in its formations, it is in the process of replacing the 40-year-old vehicle.

As of now, Ukraine has received only a few dozen of these combat vehicles from the United States.

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