Elbit Systems delivers first artillery systems to Denmark

Israel’s Elbit Systems reported that it has delivered first ATMOS self-propelled howitzers and PULS rocket launch systems to Denmark.

“Elbit Systems is honored to welcome Denmark to both ATMOS & PULS user-groups,” the company said in a Twitter post Thursday.

The message added that with the introduction of the advanced ATMOS self-propelled howitzer and the cutting-edge PULS artillery system, Denmark’s defense capabilities are set to reach new heights.

The ATMOS is a truck-mounted, 155mm/52-caliber howitzer featuring a computerized fire control system with automatic modes. The artillery system can fire “all NATO-certified 155mm projectiles” and its range can exceed 40 kilometers (25 miles) with certain ammunition.

The PULS is an autonomous artillery rocket system developed to meet the requirements of modern battlefield environments. The multi-purpose launcher incorporates two specialized PODS, each tailored for a specific type of rocket. The launcher can fire 18 Accular 122mm rockets, ten Accular 160mm rockets, four EXTRA rockets, and two Predator Hawk rockets.

In January, Denmark’s Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation said it was searching for a supplier to “quickly deliver new equipment to the Armed Forces” to close a capacity gap. The country sent 19 French-made Caesar artillery systems on Tatra chassis to Ukraine.

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