Pantsir anti-air gun and missile with “Z” sign abandoned by Russian forces

Anti-aircraft missile and gun “Pantsir-S” was burned near Nikolaev. Ordinary Ukrainian through Molotov cocktail to burn down Russian Pantsir anti-aircraft missile. Russian forces had abandoned equipment, including the Pantsir missile.

The abandoned Pantsir-S was utterly destroyed and set on fire. Russian armored vehicles are either stuck in mud or run out of fuel. Most crew members abandoned their posts and left the combat vehicle to Ukrainian soldiers.

Local residents burned the combat vehicle, who discovered the abandoned Pantsir-S air defense missile system. The published video footage evidences this. This indicates that the anti-aircraft missile and gun system could be unsuitable to use in winter weather.

Russian forces abandoned Pantsir anti-air system.

Russian experts believe that its combat systems were active, as evidenced by the raised radar and guns of the complex.

It is noteworthy that the Pantsir does have any identification marks for the “Z” sign.

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