Ukrainian troops blow up Russian Krasukha-4 electronic warfare system

Ukrainian forces successfully destroyed a Krasukha-4, one of Russia’s most modern and capable electronic warfare systems, in the Zaporizhia region, as reported by the specialized military publication Militarnyi.

Ukrainian military personnel, with the support of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from the 14th Separate Drone Regiment, executed this operation. The reconnaissance drones played a crucial role in identifying concealed Russian positions in a forested area.

The Russian military attempted to shield their equipment from reconnaissance using camouflage nets.

This marks the second instance of such a complex being identified among the losses incurred by the Russian forces since its full-scale invasion in February 2022.

A complete Krasukha-4 is a two-part system consisting of a command post module and an electronic warfare system, mounted separately on two trucks.

According to Russian state media reports, the Krasukha-4 radio-electronic warfare system possesses a substantial range of influence, capable of disrupting the electronics and radar systems of enemy forces at distances ranging from 150 to 300 kilometers (approximately 93 to 186 miles) in any direction, depending on various environmental factors.

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