Vietnam Turning Cold War Era MiG-21 mothballs into target drones

After dueling against American pilots decades ago, the legendary MiG-21s of Vietnam War fame may fly again as unmanned aerial vehicles, Viet Defense reports.

With a lot of research still to be done, we’re not gonna see Vietnamese MiG-21 UAVs anytime soon but so far, research has been carried out on how to have the drone automatically land properly. Converting these old interceptors into drones could benefit the Vietnam People’s Air Defense-Air Force by providing a target large enough to conduct air defense exercises with the S-300 high altitude air defense missile system along with being used for attack purposes.

Calculation of turning MiGs into target drones.

This is clear indication that Russian S-300 doesn’t detect aerial targets with low RCS, hence Vietnam is turning these high RCS cold wars era mothballs into target drones.

Although all Vietnamese MiG-21s were retired by 2010 & grounded, most are still in storage within hangers across the country. It’s going to be very interesting watching progress made as the years go by.

MiG-21 has also been reverse engineered by China and produced F-7, China also exported F-7 to many countries including Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan and Egypt.

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