Hugh mushroom cloud appears over Luhansk region Ukrainian drones destroyed Russian ammo depot

According to Ukrainian sources, a detonation occurred in a Russian ammunition depot on a factory site in the Russian-occupied Luhansk region in eastern Ukraine. This reports the German news platform

The military governor of the Luhansk region, Artem Lyssohor, announced via Telegram that a powerful explosion had occurred in the town of Sorokyne. The town, formerly known as Krasnodon, is located more than 100 kilometers behind the front line, but is only about 10 kilometers from the Russian border.

In several videos published online, plumes of smoke could be seen over the town, accompanied by the characteristic firework-like detonations after the first bang that occur when munitions explode. So far, there is no statement from the Russian side about what exactly was hit.

Devastating footage shows a huge mushroom cloud in the sky after a powerful explosion at an ammunition depot in Russian-occupied Ukraine.

The blast, said to have been caused by an air-launched missile attack by Kyiv forces, happened in Sorokyne, also known as Krasnodon, in the eastern region of Luhansk, located around 86 miles from the current frontline.

A stockpile of Russian explosives ignited in a terrifying inferno at the Yunost plant.

It was formerly used to produce specialist electrical parts for missiles and rockets.

But it is now thought to be a key ammunition depot supplying Kremlin forces, reports suggest.

Terrified children can be heard screaming in a video showing the mushroom cloud rising into the sky.

The incident saw schools evacuating as windows shattered in nearby properties.

One resident who filmed the explosion said: ‘My hands are shaking as I am filming this. There was such a strong explosion.’

The blast happened amid reports of ‘panic’ among Vladimir Putin’s forces as they face ‘the threat of encirclement’ in the village of Verbove in Zaporizhzhia, south-east Ukraine.

Military experts say the Ukrainian army has made significant advances in the area, according to the Independent.

A source for the Russian Airborne Forces, the air forces branch of the Russian army also known as the VDV, warned there is a ‘real threat’ their troops could be encircled.

The warning was reported by US-based war monitoring think-tank, The Institute for the Study of War.

The VDV source said President Volodymyr Zelensky’s troops were within 7km of encircling the 56th VDV regiment.

Ukrainian forces are said to have broken Verbove on Friday and are now believed to occupy half of the village.

But the Russian Ministry of Defence has been accused of trying to cover up the advancement.

President Vladimir Putin’s troops retaliated on Monday by launching an attack on the Ukrainian port city of Odessa using suicide drones and supersonic missiles. The attacks come the illegal invasio

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