Russia orders more Tor-M2 missiles as Ukraine keeps destroying them with cheap drones

The Russian Armed Forces will receive additional Tor-M2 tactical surface-to-air missile systems as part of a new deal between the Ministry of Defense and builder Kupol Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant.

Russia has lost thirds of its modern air defense systems since it invaded Ukraine and is struggling to replace them. The details of the new contract are not disclosed.

The Russian army has lost many Tor-M2 surface-to-air missile system. The SAM was destroyed by a RAM II kamikaze drone.

Ukraine destroyed Tor-M2 drone using RAM II drone.

We recently wrote that the Security Service of Ukraine destroyed two Tor-M2 surface-to-air missile systems with the help of RAM II bomber munitions. This time, fighters from the Centre for Special Operations “A” eliminated one SAM.

As for the RAM II drone, it is a Ukrainian-made drone equipped with a Full HD camera with 10x optical zoom and a stabilization system. Its cruising speed is 70km/h and it has a maximum range of 60km. The RAM II has a take-off weight of almost 10kg with a 4kg payload.

RAM II Drone.

The open-source intelligence website Oryx, using only losses confirmed by photographic or video evidence, stated that Russian forces have lost 49 Tor series surface-to-air missile (SAM) systems, including a rare Tor-M2DT arctic version.

The Tor is one of the few Russian-made short-range SAM systems with high effectiveness against cruise missiles and precision-guided munitions. Most Tor systems are based on the GM-355 tracked chassis that allows it to keep up with tanks and other armored vehicles through any terrain.

Tor-M2 further improved the version of the Tor. It uses eight 9M331 and 9M332 missiles. These have a range of up to 7 km and can reach an altitude of up to 4 km. The system can also carry 8 new 9M338 missiles with a range of 16 km and an altitude of 6 km. The cost of one Tor-M2 is $25 million.

This system entered service with the Russian military in 2008.

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