The West Should Create Second War Front For KGB Putin in Syria to Force Him Choose Either Syria or Ukraine

According to Reuters news agency, Russia used cluster bombs and vacuum bombs on schools, universities and hospitals.

Everyone assumed that the world was at peace post World War II and the West had defeated dictators and tyrants who created a humanitarian crisis in Europe. The West was reluctant to admit that Russia has planned and executed genocides in Ukraine since 2014. The world watches this human catastrophe every day on social media and news channels.

Vladimir Putin was a junior KGB officer when the Berlin wall collapsed. To Putin, the annexation of Crimea in 2014 was the step towards creating Soviet Union Version 2.0.   

The U.S., Europe and Australia are beacons of democracy where free press, human rights and freedom to choose religion or not having faith flourished. Putin’s worse fear is democracy in his backyard.

Putin knows that sanctions hurt ordinary Russian, but Putin is not affected by the sanctions. Putin survived sanctions since 2014. It’s great to see the West stepped up and supplied a few ammunitions, Javelin and Stinger missiles. However, Javelin only can’t stop Vladimir Putin’s aggression.

Putin is focused on Ukraine, and the West has given Putin a free ride in Syria, Myanmar and Venezuela. According to SIPRI, Putin has made Syria his arms showroom and exported almost $15 billion arms through the Syrian war.

If the West can open the second and third war front for Vladimir Putin in Syria and Myanmar, respectively, Kremlin will have enough challenges. Putin’s focus will be diverted to multiple challenges that Russia’s economy and military cannot deal with, forcing Putin to withdraw from Syria or Ukraine.    

Nevertheless, Ukraine will be the test case for Chinese President Xi Jinping. If Vladimir Putin can annex Ukraine like he annexed Crimea, the world will be different where another dictator will be encouraged to invade Taiwan.

The Chinese President Xi Jinping could create a similar human catastrophe and destabilise Asia and the Pacific region.

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