Ukraine to receive Bastion armored vehicles from France

Ukraine reportedly could receive a batch of Arquus-made Bastion armored vehicles, according to Elisabeth Gosselin-Malo, security and defense reporter.

“Company officials say talks on this have been ongoing for some time, but nothing finalized (24 in stock),” Elisabeth said on Twitter.

Previously also French media reported that Arquus Defense will provide Ukraine with 20 Bastion armored vehicles. These vehicles will be handed over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine soon, La Tribune reports.

According to the company, the Bastion is a modular range of 12-tonne armored vehicles. Its chassis, developed on the VLRA 4×4 base, offers a combination of tactical performance, robustness and simplified maintenance.

The Bastion can host a full 8-soldier combat group and comprehensive equipment thanks to its large internal volume.

The vehicle is multi-mission capable and is ideal for reconnaissance, forward command and control, patrol, security, escort, route clearance support, peacekeeping, EOD, and urban and close-quarters operations.

The French armored vehicle is already in service with many countries all over the world including Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Congo-Brazzaville, Chad, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Kosovo, Mali, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Somalia, Sweden, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia and Uganda.

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