Ukrainian kamikaze drones wiped out Russia’s Pantsir and Kornet ATGM manufacturing factory in Tula

Pantsir production facility in Tula.

Ukraine on Sunday confirmed it carried out a drone attack on a Russian military plant in Tula, targeting the production facility for air defense systems, including the “Pantsir-S” anti-aircraft defense systems.

However, multiple Russian Telegram channels reported “loud explosions and fire” at the factory premises in Tula.

Russian state-run TASS also reported air defence systems destroying a Ukrainian drone over a western Russian city.

Apart from the Pantsir mobile short-range air defence system, the factory produces other air defence systems, guided weapons, cannons, and small arms.

The Ukrainian drone attack on the “Shcheglovsky Val” plant in Tula, a key facility responsible for manufacturing the “Pantsir-S” air defense systems, combat modules for armored vehicles, and anti-tank missile complexes, notably the “Kornet,” left a fire in one of the production facility,

“This was a planned operation by the Ukrainian Defense Intelligence Directorate (GUR). Targets in Tula were successfully hit,” stated an official source.

Simultaneously, reports emerged of a significant fire at a chemical terminal in the Ust-Luga port in the Leningrad region. The region’s governor confirmed the incident, highlighting explosions and the audible presence of unmanned aerial vehicles before the blaze.

Kornet ATGM. Photo Rostec.

While the connection between the two incidents remains unclear, the precision strike on the Tula plant signifies Ukraine’s strategic approach in targeting specific military assets. The “Pantsir-S” systems manufactured at the Tula plant have played a role in Russia’s air defence capabilities, making the facility a valuable target for disrupting the adversary’s defence infrastructure.

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