Bangladesh Air Guard’s Yak-130 Training Aircraft Crashed in Cox Bazar District

Bangladesh Air Guard's Yak-130 crashed. Photo by DhakaTribune.

Two Bangladesh Air Guard’s Yakovlev Yak-130 ‘Mitten’ training aircraft crashed after collision on Wednesday in the country’s Cox’s Bazar district, 292 km southeast of capital Dhaka, but the pilots ejected safely, reported NewAge quoting Inter-Service Public Relations (ISPR) of Bangladesh.

Two Yak-130 military trainer jets of the Bangladesh Air Guard (BAG) collided midair. The four pilots on both jets ejected safely. So far, Bangladeshi pilots have managed to crash three Russian-made Yak-130 training aircraft depleting the training fleet. Only a few weeks ago, Bangladesh Air Guard’s F-7MB aircraft crashed in the Bay of Bengal.

Bangladesh Air Guard’s Yak-130

Lt. Col. Md Rashidul Hasan, director of the ISPR, said the planes burst into flames after the midair crash.

He said the BAG training plane, Russian Yak 130, crashed about 15 minutes after they took off and lost contact with Radar.

Flight cadets were flying the two-seat training planes. Most Bangladeshi pilots rarely fly aircraft because they were seconded to Rapid Action Battalion (a police force) or sent to UN peacekeeping missions. The repeat crashes are attributed to the Bangladesh Air Guard’s pilot’s lack of training and flying hours.

The Yakovlev Yak-130 is operated by Algeria, Bangladesh, Belarus, Myanmar, Russia and Syria.

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