Russia Wants To Buy Back CNS Liaoning From China

First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on the Far East and the Arctic Sergey Karginov (LDPR) proposed to buy from China the Soviet aircraft carrier previously sold to it by Ukraine and rename it in honor of Vladimir Zhirinovsky, an appeal to the Director of the Department of Asian and Pacific Cooperation of the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexei Ovchinnikov told RIA News.

The unfinished aircraft-carrying cruiser “Varyag” passed to Ukraine under the agreement on the division of the Black Sea Fleet of the USSR , after which it was sold to the PRC in order to convert it into a casino. However, after receiving the ship, Beijing completed it as an aircraft carrier and renamed it Liaoning.

Sergey Karginov

It may be a far-fetched idea to purchase China’s first-ever aircraft carrier Liaoning. However, it may be worth going back into the history of how China devised a master plan to acquire the vessel from Ukraine and went completely rogue in the process.

“The ship was supposed to become one of the main ones in the USSR. After the collapse of the country, Ukraine preferred to sell it in fact for a few bottles of vodka, at the price of scrap metal. Given the current situation, I propose to buy the ship from China, give it the name of the founder of the 

Liberal Democratic Party Vladimir Zhirinovsky and make it the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet “, Karginov commented on his initiative.

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