HMS Prince of Wales Assumes Flagship Role of NATO Maritime Force

HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Queen Elizabeth pictured at sea for the first time with USS The Sullivans. Wednesday 19 May 2021 saw a historic moment in Britain’s carrier renaissance as HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales met at sea for the first time. With two 65,000 tonne carriers in operational service, Britain has a continuous carrier strike capability, with one vessel always ready to respond to global events at short notice.

The Royal Navy today took charge of NATO’s most important task force with a ceremony aboard the aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales in Portsmouth.

For the next 12 months it is responsible for leading the alliance’s Maritime High Readiness Force – an international task group formed to deal with major global events.

The most senior sea-going staff in the Royal Navy – Commander UK Strike Force, headed by Rear Admiral Mike Utley – takes charge of the force, with HMS Prince of Wales serving as NATO Command Ship, ready to deploy in support of NATO exercises and operations throughout the year.

Those will include major workouts for British and allied forces in the Arctic at the end of the winter, Baltic in the summer, and an extensive deployment to the Mediterranean in the autumn.

To mark the formal transfer of command from the French Navy, the NATO flag was raised aboard the carrier today during a 30-minute ceremony – shifted to the carrier’s aft hangar rather than the flight deck due to thick fog in Portsmouth – attended by defense attachés and military representatives from across the alliance.

HMS Prince of Wales crew.

Fleet Commander, Vice Admiral Andrew Burns, inspected some of the ship’s company and Royal Marines Band before Captain Steve Higham, Prince of Wales’ Commanding Officer, addressed those present.

Both the ship and the staff of Commander UK Strike Force underwent thorough training and preparations for the complex challenge of directing a large, multi-national naval force.

“Our battle staff have been preparing for this responsibility over the last 12 months by exercising and developing the capabilities required, which culminated in NATO Dynamic Mariner exercise in September 2021. This exercise demonstrated to our NATO Allies that the UK’s Carrier Strike capability will strengthen NATO countries’ long-term ability to work side-by-side and our commitment to each other.”

Rear Admiral Mike Utley, Commander UK Strike Force

As well as a test of the battle staff, it will be the first test of HMS Prince of Wales since the carrier was declared fully operational at the beginning of autumn following two intensive years of trials and training.

Those eventful 12 months saw him pass out of Dartmouth before being assigned to HMS Prince of Wales for the past couple of months.

The ship is due to sail tomorrow, raising the curtain of a demanding year in the waters of the Atlantic, northern Europe, and the Mediterranean.

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HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Queen Elizabeth pictured at sea for the first time with USS The Sullivans.

First, up is leading naval involvement in Cold Response 22, a large-scale Norwegian-led NATO exercise that will be used to evaluate Rear Admiral Utley and his staff as the Commander of the NATO Response Force.

As the year moves on, the staff will also help train and ready the Turkish Navy who will assume command of the NRF from the UK in 2023.

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