Demoralized Russian Troops Killed Their Commander And Surrendered To Ukrainian Army

Freshly mobilized Russian conscripts surrounded in Kherson. Photo the sun newspaper.

The Russians had virtually no ammunition and some even had to share one assault rifle between two.

Russian troops killed their commander after he tried to stop them from surrendering to Ukraine’s army, it has been reported. The soldiers were part of the recently mobilised reserve and had just arrived at the front. Vladimir Putin’s army has suffered a series of humiliating defeats on the battlefield in recent weeks.

Panicked Kremlin troops are reported to have turned themselves over to advancing Ukrainian forces as President Zelensky’s counter-offensive operation continues to make impressive progress into occupied territory. As Russian-controlled regions of Ukraine come under threat, freshly mobilised troops have surrendered to Ukrainian soldiers, demonstrating the reported low levels of morale among Moscow’s armed forces. The news comes after President Putin’s partial mobilisation decree outlined plans to enlist an additional 300,000 soldiers to continue the “special military operation” in Ukraine.

Ukrainian special forces captured a group of retreating Russian conscripts in Luhansk region. Photo courtesy Reuters.

Ukraine’s army has made spectacular advances in the northeast, east and south of the country as they continue their counteroffensive on a number of fronts.

The military setbacks have forced the Kremlin to shake up their military command yet again and introduce a nationwide “partial” mobilization.

Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced in September a draft of 300,000 reservists to help boost frontline troops fighting in Ukraine.

The announcement led to a mass exodus of Russian men from the country, as they sought to escape the call-up.

Those unable to flee were forced to report for duty at military enlistment offices.

Ukraine’s military launched a hotline called “I want to live”, encouraging conscripted Russians to get in touch and promising them safety and humane treatment if they surrendered.

Now a group of Russian soldiers appear to have responded to the offer in a bid to avoid the slaughter at the front.

The men were sent to a hotspot within days of being called-up without either adequate training nor proper equipment.

The Russians had virtually no ammunition and some even had to share one assault rifle between two.

They were told in no uncertain circumstances by their commander that they would be shot if they attempted to retreat.

Realising the hopelessness of their situation, the soldiers secretly contacted Ukraine’s army via the hotline and agreed to surrender.

When the time came to lay down their arms, they shot their commander and handed themselves in.

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