Roshel delivers 1,000th Senator armored vehicle to Ukraine

Canadian armored vehicle manufacturer Roshel recently commemorated a significant milestone, celebrating the delivery of the 1,000th Senator armored vehicle to the Ukrainian military in an official ceremony.

Roman Shimonov, Founder and CEO of Roshel Inc., hailed the achievement, stating, “Roshel reaches a remarkable milestone, delivering the 1000th Roshel Senator armored vehicle to Ukraine ahead of schedule, bolstering defense capabilities during critical times.”

Roshel has developed a comprehensive line of Senator light-weight armored vehicles and MRAP vehicles, emphasizing exceptional on-road performance and maneuverability in both urban and off-road terrains across diverse climates.

Built on the Ford heavy-duty truck base, the Senator boasts 400 horsepower, providing both agility and strength in maneuverability. This flexibility allows it to swiftly adapt its position or take on additional tasks as required in dynamic combat situations.

Throughout 2022, numerous newly manufactured Senator vehicles were dispatched to Ukraine, forming part of military assistance packages extended to the Ukrainian government amidst the Russian invasion. A portion of these contributed Senators is now in active deployment by the State Border Service of Ukraine and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Ukrainian military forces have notably valued the Senator armored vehicles, actively employing them in some of the most challenging combat zones. In Eastern and Southern Ukraine, these vehicles have garnered high praise for their performance and are instrumental in critical theaters of conflict.

The war in Ukraine served as the inaugural combat deployment for the vehicle, validating its capabilities under intense operational conditions.

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