Denmark Delivered 2,700 Anti-tank Rockets and 300 Stinger Missiles to Ukraine

Denmark donates 2,700 anti-tank weapons to Ukraine, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen told reporters on Sunday, reported Reuters news agency.

Now, it has emerged that the government is considering sending more shipments of weapons.

A Russian Ka-52 helicopter on the ground after hit by Stinger missile outside Kiev, Ukraine. AP Photo

“I will certainly not deny that there may be more, but we look at it continuously,” said defense minister Morten Bødskov.

Denmark regularly receives lists of things that are needed in Ukraine. It will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. The first package on its way

For obvious security reasons, the defense chief Flemming Lentfer did not reveal the whereabouts of the anti-tank missiles apart from the fact that they left Denmark already.

“Right now we are seeing a completely unique heroic effort by the Ukrainian people to beat back a superior power, and that is what we want to help Ukraine with, and that is why we are doing this with open eyes and a straight back,” said Frederiksen, referring to the 2,700 shoulder-launched anti-tank missiles being sent to Ukraine.

Only a few weeks ago, she said she would investigate whether Denmark could help Ukraine with weapons – specifically the much-publicized Stinger missiles.

“Denmark is ready to supply parts of the approximately 300 Stinger missiles that the Defense Force has itself put up for disposal”, said Bødskov, adding that a broad majority in parliament was behind the decision.

As Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has called on ‘all citizens around the world, friends of Ukraine, peace and democracy’ to fight, Frederiksen said Danes were free to go and fight in Ukraine.

“It is a choice each individual can make. This applies both to Ukrainians living here and to others who believe they can contribute directly to the conflict,” she said.

Earlier on Sunday, Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, leader of the liberal party Venstre, said that people who want to fight on Ukraine’s side should be able to do so without losing their Danish residence permits, according to Ekstrabladet.

The government already announced earlier that Denmark would send body armor, first aid bags and a mobile hospital to Ukraine, as well as 50 million kroner in humanitarian aid.

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