Philippines Navy Buys Five Shore-based BrahMos Missiles System

The Philippine government will spend approximately $375 million for the system’s procurement. With this agreement, the Philippines becomes the first export customer of the system.

While the notice of award document for the acquisition of the Brahmos missile system was released on January 12, the minister actually signed it on the last day of 2021.

According to Philippines Defense Secretary, Delfin Lorenzana:

“Negotiated with the Government of India, it includes the delivery of three batteries, training for operators and maintainers as well as the necessary Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) package […] Coastal Defense Regiment of the Philippine Marines will be the primary employer of this modern strategic defence capability of the AFP”.

The History of the Agreement

Philippine Navy agrees to procure shore-based BrahMos anti-ship missile system
NOA of the acquisition of Brahmos LBMS

The Philippines have shown interest in the purchase of the BrahMos since 2016. It was reported that negotiations were underway since 2019 regarding the procurement of two mobile batteries for the Philippine Army under the Land-Based Missile System (LBMS) program.

The Philippines government had been in negotiations with Brahmos Aerospace Company for a potential procurement for some time, but due to regional balances, particularly against China, the agreement was achieved later than intended.

Philippine Army spokesperson gave the first signal of this acquisition in a local TV interview in January 2021 by confirming the possible acquisition of the missile, which can be launched from a ship, a plane, submarine, or on land. After the interview, Brahmos Aerospace Company revealed that the acquisition of the BrahMos missile by the Philippine Army would complement its First Land-Based Missile System Battery.

On March 2, 2021, the Philippines and India signed a government-to-government agreement on defense equipment procurement, paving the way for the sale of the missile to the Philippines.

Philippines Brahmos rangel
Map of possible deployment areas of the five mobile missile batteries of the Brahmos land-based launchers. Image via MaxDefense PH.

The Philippines are worried about the dominance of the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN or Chinese Navy), which controls many islets in the region. The Brahmos procurement would offer the Philippines a way to deter China’s expansionism and somewhat restore the military balance between the two countries.

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