Ukrainian forces shot down Russian Ka-52 helicopters using Swedish-made RBS-70 MANPAD

Ukrainian forces used RBS-70 MANPAD to blow up vertical stabilizer of Ka-52.

Ukrainian forces shot down Russian Ka-52 Alligator helicopter on the Donetsk front, according to Ukrainian Telegram channel.

“Another Alligator down. A unit from the Air Force’s anti-aircraft missile forces destroyed a Ka-52 attack helicopter on the Donetsk front at around 23:00 on 16 July!”

Ukrainian forces used RBS-70 MANPAD to blow up vertical stabilizer of Ka-52.

The Ukrainian Air Force has destroyed 32 of the 35 Shahed attack drones that the Russians launched over Ukraine at night.

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as of the morning of 16 July, Ukrainian soldiers had already shot down 316 Russian helicopters.

The RBS-70 have already been used in combat and it was with the help of RBS-70 Ukrainian forces shot down several Russian air targets.


The RBS 70 is a Swedish short-range portable anti-aircraft missile system manufactured by Saab Bofors Dynamics.

A laser system guides the missiles: its beam serves as a path for the missile to follow.

The key advantage of the system is its ability to operate effectively in conditions of infrared or EW countermeasures.

The system is armed with several types of anti-aircraft missiles: Rb 70 Mk.1, Mk.2, and Bolide. In general, its characteristics allow hitting targets at distances up to 5,000–8,000 m and at altitudes up to 3,000–5,000 m.

Soldier of the 47th Mechanized Brigade carries a missile of the Swedish RBS 70 air defense system, July 2023

Together with a tripod and an installed missile, the launcher weighs 87 kilograms, it can be carried on its own or installed on a vehicle for increased mobility.

RBS 70 can work in a single system together with the Swedish Giraffe 75 radars, which were transferred to Ukraine this year.

The information about detected targets is sent to the radar combat control panel, from where it can be directed by wire to the connected launchers.

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