Ukraine Deploys Inguar 3 Armored Vehicles In Battlefield

Ukrainian defense company Inguar has unveiled its latest development in armored vehicles, the Inguar-3.

The new armored vehicle was developed for the Ukrainian military.

Powered by a Deutz 356 horsepower engine, coupled with an Allison automatic transmission, the new Ukrainian armored vehicle boasts formidable performance capabilities. Its independent suspension with planetary gear reducers and inter-axle differential locks ensures exceptional all-terrain maneuverability, complemented by a 450mm ground clearance and a centralized automatic tire inflation system for enhanced mobility.

Featuring 395/85 r20 tires with a run-flat system, the Inguar-3 maintains operational capability even in the event of tire damage from bullet punctures or debris.

The vehicle’s combined armor provides Stanag 4569 Level 3a/3b protection standards, with additional shielding for the engine compartment against fragmentation. Utilizing armor steel and aluminum components in its armored shell, the Inguar-3 achieves optimal protection without compromising weight.

Equipped with front, rear, and side-view cameras, along with night vision capabilities, the crew and passengers can effectively monitor the battlefield. Furthermore, the vehicle includes an electronic warfare module, an automatic fire suppression system with optical sensors, a chemical filtration air system, an autonomous cabin heater, air conditioning, and a 12-ton winch.

Representing a new generation of modular tactical armored vehicles, the Inguar-3 features separate front and rear armor capsules that can be customized for various missions. Whether configured as a 4×4 or 6×6 platform, it can accommodate air defense systems, anti-tank weaponry, CBRN defense systems, optical reconnaissance, or serve as command and control, or medical evacuation vehicles.

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