Air Platform

The TAI Anka-S Armed MALE UAV

The Anka-A first flew in 2010 and entered service with the Turkish military in 2014. The improved Anka-S entered service in 2017. It has a payload of 200 kg and can carry eight Cirit 70 mm rockets or four MAM-L guided missiles. […]

Air-Launched Weapons

Roketsan Smart Micro Munition (MAM-L)

The MAM-L was first deployed in Operation Olive Branch. With warheads, varying from armor-piercing to those with thermobaric heads used according to the target type, many successful missions were carried out against possible targets such as light structures, armored land vehicles, radar antennas and weapon emplacement.

The MAM-L, which was used in destroying the Pantsir S-1, has a high pulse sensitivity with a laser seeker head. […]

Air-Launched Weapons

Roketsan SOM Cruise Missile

Turkey’s first domestically-made cruise missile with a penetrating warhead successfully completed its test firing, Science and Industry Minister Mustafa Varank announced 6 September 2019 . Developed by the Defense Research and Development Institute (SAGE) of […]