Naval Platforms

Chinese Type 055 destroyer: 12,000 tonnes, 180 meters long with 128-cell VLS mammoth ship

The Type 055 boasts a 112 cell Vertical Launch System (VLS) array which can deploy a combination of ten different missile platforms for various operations, including HHQ-9B surface air missiles with advanced terminal stage anti ballistic missile capabilities HQ-26 anti ballistic missiles, and advanced DK-10A Quad packed surface to air missiles, alongside separate HQ-10 multirole long range air defence batteries. This provides Chinese naval contingents with what may well be the best protection from air and missile attacks in the world. […]

Middle East

Iran wants to build submarines and destroyer

The Iranian Navy’s latest homegrown warship projects include submarines and destroyer, Rear Admiral Amir Rastegari, Head of the Iranian Defense Ministry’s Marine Industries Organization, said in a recent interview with Iranian media Iran is experienced at […]