Russia brings back mothballed Soviet-era Mi-8 helicopters

The Voeniy Osvedomitely channel on Telegram, known for its close links to the Russian military, has unveiled a photo showcasing a new generation of the Soviet-era Mil Mi-8 helicopter.

Reportedly observed on Russia’s southern frontiers, the latest iteration, designated the Mi-8AMTSH-VN, represents a modernized version of the classic Mi-8(17) model designed for specialized combat operations, particularly in support of special forces.

According to propagandist statements, the Mi-8AMTSH-VN has undergone significant enhancements, integrating a suite of structural features derived from combat experience to enhance its combat effectiveness and survivability.

The new version of the Soviet-era Mi-8 helicopter, primarily designed for troop deployment and providing fire support to special operations units, features an advanced defense system capable of detecting and classifying incoming threats, including missiles.

Depending on the type of threat identified, the system deploys countermeasures such as thermal decoys or interference to disrupt the guidance systems of anti-aircraft missiles.

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