Russia lost 550 Russian conscripts, 33 artillery systems, 11 armoured vehicles, and eight tanks in Bakhmut in a day

Above, a Ukrainian artilleryman from the 24th brigade carries empty artillery cartridge cases at a position along the front line in the vicinity of Bakhmut on Sunday, amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Ukrainian forces have repelled Russian assaults near Bakmut as the battle for the city results in a deadlock, according to a report from the Institute for the Study of War (ISW). Getty

According to its own statements, the Ukrainian army is making progress on two sections of the front that have long been contested.

The General Staff announces that there are “partial successes” in the latest developments near Klishchiyivka, south of the city of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine, occupied by Russia since May.

Further progress was reported by the Kyiv General Staff in the Robotyne region of the Zaporizhzhya region in the south, as the German news website reports. In this region, the Ukrainian army has been working for weeks to move through heavily mined territory and Russian defense lines. From all sections of the front, the Ukrainian army reported Russian artillery fire and air strikes.

Over the last day, they have successfully neutralized 550 Russian soldiers, destroying 33 artillery systems, 11 armoured combat vehicles, and eight tanks.

To provide a broader perspective on the conflict, between 24 February 2022 and 12 September 2023, the Russian military has suffered substantial losses. The cumulative figures, with the most recent figure shows Russia lost more than 273,000 soldiers in the battlefield.

In recent months, Russia has experienced an increase in drone attacks and acts of sabotage, for which Kyiv has increasingly taken responsibility.

The Ukrainian attacks primarily target Russia’s military-industrial complex, according to Kyrylo Budanow, the head of Ukraine’s military intelligence.

He made these comments during a rare public appearance at the Yalta European Strategy (YES) conference in Kyiv.

Budanow revealed that a Russian factory producing chips for Iskander missiles, frequently used by Moscow to bombard Ukraine, had been recently attacked.

He noted that while these attacks have had some sobering effects on Russian society, they have not yet had a massive impact. However, he predicts that these attacks will cause “significant problems” for Russia in the long term. “It’s a matter of time,” Budanow stated.

He emphasized that no civilians had been harmed in these attacks, contrary to what Russia might claim. The Ukrainian military has confirmed that they will continue their counteroffensive operations even during the winter months.

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