Ukrainian Beaver kamikaze drones hit Moscow with huge explosions, creating air traffic chaos

Moscow has been hit by a fresh wave of kamikaze drone attacks forcing the closure of all Russian airspace in the latest blow for Putin.

Explosions were reported in what is fast becoming a nightly reality for Russians living in and close to the capital city.

Russian air defenses scrambled to shoot down the two drones causing chaos in the skies, Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin said.

The city’s three biggest airports reportedly suspended arrivals and departures in the early hours of the morning, according to TASS.

Planes were diverted as the flying assassins swooped in, as Ukraine continue to bring the conflict to Vladimir Putin’s doorstep.

Chilling footage shows how the night skies were illuminated by a menacing glow as the drones appeared to explode.

Another clip showed smoke billowing into the air over Moscow as residents rushed out onto the street after hearing the blasts.

Further footage shows alarms ringing in a packed car park as debris appeared to rain down on the vehicles.

Russian air defense systems downed one drone in Krasnogorsk, a major suburb in the west of the city.

The shockwaves shattered windows and sparked panic among locals during the early morning attack.

The facade and windows of a 25-storey tower block were damaged in the alleged Ukraine strike, as were cars parked nearby.

Fragments of a UAV were seen littered on the street after being blasted out of the sky by aerial defence systems.

The other UAV was brought down in Chastsy village, also to the west of the capital.

One of the drones landed close to pro-Putin propagandist Margarita Simonyan’s huge mansion.

The RT state media mogul, 43, said: “The drone that was shot down in the Istra district fell on the street next to us.”

Departure screens in a Vnukovo airport were littered with delays for flights to destinations including Dubai, Antalya and Istanbul.

Other Moscow airports were also hit by the disruption, seemingly leaving Russians trapped inside for several hours.

An unnamed official said: “The air space is closed over Vnukovo, Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo.

“Flights are not being received, departures are delayed.”

Russia said the drones were “detected and destroyed by air defences” over the Moscow region, which rings the capital city.

The defence ministry said: “The Kyiv regime’s attempt to carry out a terrorist attack using drones was foiled.

“No casualties occurred as a result of these foiled terrorist attacks.”

It claimed two more UAVs were also downed over the Bryansk region in western Russia.

Ukraine has stepped up drone attacks in recent days, giving Muscovites a taste of the warfare Putin has unleashed on multiple Ukraine cities.

Moscow’s airport later resumed flights after the aerial threat was neutralised, officials said.

But Putin is set to have been left red-faced by the onslaught that unfolded as he marked the Day of the State Flag of the Russian Federation in a TV address to his people.

The tyrant ridiculously likened himself to tsar Peter the Great, claiming he was restoring sovereignty with his illegal war.

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