Another Sabotage Attack With Massive Explosion Derailing Crimea Train

Railroad workers were seen cleaning up the debris from the derailmentCredit: East2West

Vladimir Putin has been hit by another sabotage attack as a massive explosion derailed a train in occupied Crimea.

Pictures show the carriages spilled over the embankment after the reported blast close to the city of Sevastopol this morning.

Russia has been barraged in recent months by a wave of suspicious explosions, fires and more apparent acts of sabotage.

Russian media has claimed the cargo train was carrying “grain”.

The massive explosion created a crater 7feet deep and nearly 50feet in diameter, according to an eyewitness.

Witnesses reported hearing an explosion which left the electric freight train derailed near the village of Chistenkoye.

The head of Ukrainian military intelligence Major-General Kyrylo Budanov, 37, has admitted being behind attacks in Russian occupied territory, and also assassinations of “war criminals”.

He said: “We’ve already successfully targeted quite a few people. There have been well-publicised cases everyone knows about, thanks to the media coverage.

Sergey Aksyonov, the Russian instated head of the annexed region, blamed the derailment on the “interference of unauthorised persons”.

It was reported a man was spotted near the railway tracks before the blast.It is suspected to either be the work of Russian partisans striking against Putin’s regime or clandestine operations by Kyiv.

Major-General Budanov admitted Kyiv is behind some of the sabotage attacks against Russian forces, while also suggesting anti-war Russians have staged attacks. 

He alluded: “Clearly it doesn’t just happen like this…. I would put it this way: money works wonders.”

Russian engineers are now tracking the railway amid fears more potential sabotage to the network.

Retaking Crimea is seen as the key objective for defeating Russia.

Putin illegally annexed the peninsula from Ukraine in 2014 in response to the revolution which saw Kyiv pivot towards the West.

It comes as Russia launched its ninth barrage of missiles towards Kyiv this month – but Ukraine claimed once again all the rockets were shot down.

The Sun has told how Ukrainian troops are capturing Russian positions in the “Meat Grinder” battle for Bakhmut.

Ukraine’s 3rd Assault Brigade launched the surprise attack last week, using tanks and armoured infantry to smash through Putin’s front lines.

They advanced 1,000 yards across farmland south of bomb-blitzed Bakhmut in the first major gains for months.

Footage showed assault squads clearing bunkers with hand grenades as a tank charged into a wood, sending Russian soldiers fleeing.

Russia continues to blast its way forward in the city, block by blood-soaked block.

But Putin and his soldiers were dealt a major blow after their £274 million spy plane was destroyed by saboteurs at an airbase in Belarus this February.

Local anti-government activists who oppose the war in Ukraine claimed responsibility for blowing up the £274 million Beriev A-50U jet near the capital, Minsk.

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