Ukraine Received Eight Archer Howitzers From Sweden

Eight Archer artillery systems provided by the Swedish government have been delivered to Ukraine, Swedish Defense Minister Pal Johnson posted on X (Twitter).

“With a combination of speed, precision and mobility, Archers will contribute to Ukraine taking back lost territory and regaining its freedom. Welcome to the Archer family,” Johnson wrote.

The day before, Ukraine’s Land Forces Commander Oleksandr Syrskyi demonstrated the Archer in service with Ukraine’s Army, in a video on the occasion of the Day of Missile Forces and Artillery. Judging by the video, this self-propelled artillery system is in service with the 45th separate artillery brigade.

The Archer self-propelled artillery system with a 155-mm cannon has an automatic loading system and digital targeting.
It is mounted on a modified truck chassis rather than tracks, enabling rapid strategic movement and deployment. This allows Archer to reposition and adapt faster than traditional tracked self-propelled guns.

The fully automated gun system significantly reduces crew size while achieving a high rate of fire up to 8 rounds per minute. It can reload automatically from a large 21-round magazine.

Advanced computerized fire control and use of guided munitions like Excalibur projectiles give Archer a 50km range with pinpoint accuracy. It can adjust fire flexible based on the mission.
Extremely short reaction and displacement times allow Archer to deploy, fire a mission, and move within just minutes. This improves survivability on the modern battlefield.
The armored cabin protects crew from small arms fire and shrapnel.

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