Lockheed Martin Awarded $62 Million Contract to Develop Extended Range PrSM

The US Department of Defense has entered into an additional agreement with Lockheed Martin to develop a tactical missile system Precision Strike Missile, also known as PrSM. The Pentagon has poured an additional fifty million dollars to accelerate this development, contrary to previous news of successful tactical missile tests for the US Army.

Under this agreement, Lockheed Martin received $62 million in additional funding on the condition that work on this tactical missile system should be completed by 2023, writes Army Recognition.

It should be noted that such an infusion of funds to accelerate work on PrSM, the Pentagon conducted after a series of news about the success of the tests of this complex.

In particular, in May 2021 it became known that the missile of the PrSM complex reached a firing range of 400 kilometers. In June this year, it became known that the Pentagon seeks to increase the range of missiles of this complex to 1,000 kilometers, instead of the target of 500 kilometers.

In July 2021, the US Army released a video presentation where tactical PrSM missile systems are involved in the hypothetical destruction of Russia’s S-400 SAM and the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet – the missile cruiser “Moscow”.

In September 2021, Australia announced the intention to purchase PrSM systems, in addition to other missile systems.

The Precision Strike Missile complex is essentially an attempt to “cross” a rocket-propelled grenade launcher and a tactical missile, and the M270A1 and M142 MLRS will be used as a firing platform.

It is assumed that the Precision Strike Missile missiles will have a cluster warhead, and will be used to destroy air defense systems, command posts and positions of enemy troops.

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