Germany delivers 200 Zetros high-mobility military trucks to Ukraine

Ukraine has received at least 200 Zetros series military trucks as part of German military aid.

Adam Świerkowski, the editor of the Polish news magazine, shared a Defense24 article emphasizing that this assistance is instrumental in replacing older truck models that were previously in service and compensating for those lost during the ongoing conflict.

According to German sources, Ukraine has already received 200 Zetros trucks in various configurations, with an additional 50 scheduled for delivery in the coming months.

The Mercedes-Benz Zetros is a German-made heavy-duty, high-mobility truck capable of carrying medium to large loads, depending on the version. These trucks are versatile, serving a multitude of purposes, from transporting goods to functioning as tractor units for heavy military equipment. They also play a vital role in military logistics, ensuring the transportation of necessary equipment.

Zetros comes in both 2- and 3-axle configurations, featuring an engine that can vary in power, with options including 428 HP and 326 HP. These engines are responsible for propelling the vehicle, which has an unladen weight ranging from 8,100 to 11,500 kg. In terms of gross vehicle weight, Zetros falls within the range of 16.5 to 40 tons. The engine is paired with a 9 or 18-speed planetary gearbox, and the vehicle boasts all-wheel drive for excellent off-road performance.

As Ukraine continues to receive support from Germany, the Zetros trucks play a crucial role in enhancing the nation’s logistics and mobility, contributing to its resilience in the face of ongoing challenges.

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