HİSAR-A Goes Into Serial Production For Turkish Military

Developed by Roketsan and Aselsan, Turkey’s first domestic and national Air Defence Missile System HİSAR-A has successfully hit a high-speed target plane at long range. President of Defence Industries Prof. Dr. İsmail DEMİR has announced the news from his social media account, stating that HİSAR-A will go into mass production.

Roketsan and Aselsan conducted missile-firing tests of HİSAR-A Project, which will take on crucial tasks in Turkey’s air defence, with the participation of Presidency of Defense Industry and Turkish Armed Forces representatives at Aksaray Test Range.

HİSAR-A Low Altitude Air Defense Missile System’s effectiveness in maximum range and altitude was tested with the successful hit to a high-speed target plane.

Within the scope of the firing tests, the target was located and pursued with the system’s radar. By starting an engagement from the command control system, the missile was fired automatically at the optimum moment with the fire control system. The missile was guided to the target using radar data. Approaching the target with terminal guidance seeker, the missile accurately hit the target by exact calculation of guidance system and warhead was the detonated.

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Tübitak SAGE developed the highly effective warhead used at the tests, within the scope of HİSAR projects.

The system performance was proven with these tests for the HİSAR projects that were fully developed by national and domestic means, ensuring significant achievements for air defense.

Among the targets of the systems developed to meet our country’s air defense requirements are, rotary and fixed wing air platofrms, various missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Roketsan and Aselsan work in collaboration with over 100 national business partners to ensure that National Air Defence System which will be taking on crucial tasks in Turkey’s air defence, HİSAR, enters the inventory and to meet the requirements of Turkish Armed Forces.

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