Indonesia ordered amphibious armored vehicles from Russia

Indonesia has ordered a batch of amphibious armored vehicles from Russia to enhance the capabilities of its marines and replace ageing Soviet-era machines, operated by the military.

The contract was signed in the capital city of Jakarta, according to Russian state weaponry exporter, Rosoboronexport. Indonesian military is expected to get 21 BT-3F and 22 BMP-3F vehicles, at a total cost of over $170 million.

BMP-3F is a infantry fighting vehicle (IFV), designed specifically to meet the needs of marines. It boasts enhanced seafaring capabilities, yet lacks some implements of a ground combat-focused version. While the vehicle is very light, weighing only some 18 tons, it packs quite a punch – it’s equipped with a 100-mm gun, 30-mm autocannon and three machine guns. Indonesia already operates over 50 BMP-3s, including its marine variant.

BT-3F is an armored personnel carrier (APC), based on BMP-3F. While it lacks powerful armament, having only machine guns at its disposal, it is spacious enough to accommodate 15 marines as well as two crew members. Indonesia is the first foreign country to get its hands on the modern amphibious APC, according to Rosoboronexport.

The BMP-3F is armed with the standard 2K23 turret. Specially designed for operations at sea, with improved seaworthiness and buoyancy, capability to move afloat at sea.

The new APCs are likely to replace – partially, at least – Soviet-made old BTR-50P and truly antique K-61 amphibious vehicles, that are still operated by the Indonesian army.

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