Pro-Ukraine partisans blew up Russian railway line carrying North Korean ammunition

Pro-Ukraine partisans claim they have blown up a railway line deep inside Russia that was being used to transport North Korean ammunition to the front line.

“Atesh agents managed to carry out a successful operation on the Trans-Siberian Railway near Yekaterinburg. As a result, the railway track along which North Korean ammunition was being delivered was blown up,” the group wrote on Telegram.

Along with the location of the attack, Atesh posted footage that appears to show an explosion destroying a section of the railway track.

The group are an underground movement operating inside Ukraine’s Russian-occupied territories, mostly Crimea, who spy on Russian military operations and carry out sabotage missions.

A spokesman for Atesh said one of their Russian agents carried out the sabotage. “He’s refused to be rewarded because he works for ideological reasons. His goal is to stop the criminal war waged by his country against Ukraine,” they told Kyiv Post.

It came as Vladimir Putin, the Russia president, met with Hungarian leader Viktor Orban for the first in a series of controversial peace talks on Friday over how to end the war in Ukraine.

The prime minister of Hungary arrived in Moscow after visiting Ukraine earlier this week and pledging to act as a go-between in ceasefire proposals.

“I am ready to discuss the nuances [of peace] with you,” Putin said, adding that Hungary was becoming the “last” country that can speak to both Europe and Russia.

In response, EU leaders have roundly criticised the visit by saying Mr Orban was not acting on behalf of the bloc.

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