No Medivac: One Russian Dying Every Three Minutes To Fight Putin’s War In Ukraine

Ukraine have claimed they have killed 300,000 Russian soldiers in a new grim milestone.

The staggering figure would mean one of Vladimir Putin’s soldiers has died every three minutes since the invasion on February 24, 2022.

Kyiv’s exact figures have to be taken with a pinch of salt – but Western intelligence agrees the Russians have suffered horrific attrition rates.

Some 300,000 deaths would mean that Russia have lost approximately 13,300 soldiers a month, 3,250 troops a week, 450 men a day, 20 every hour, or one every three minutes.

Bloody trench warfare, street-by-street fighting, and soldiers pouring across shell-pitted No Man’s Lands have come to define the war in Ukraine.

The bloody, muddy scenes are not what many had expected of a war in the 21st Century.

And the war has now lasted some 447 days, despite Putin originally announcing his so-called “special military operation” would only last two weeks.

Releasing the figures this morning, the Ukrainian General staff said: ” Strike the occupier – let’s win together.

“Our strength is in the truth.”

The daily update claimed another 610 Russians had been killed yesterday – bringing the total to 300,590.

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