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Saab Swordfish: A new era in maritime air power

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The Swordfish MPA is a high-end, multi-role platform that offers strategic ISR capabilities over both sea and land.

As a world-class platform and systems integrator, with a proven track record in delivering complex airborne surveillance solutions, Saab now offers our cutting-edge Swordfish MPA on the platform that best fits the end-users’ operational needs. The system is capable of achieving superior Maritime Domain Awareness through use of its advanced mission system and tightly integrated sensor suite, with finding modern submarines as its speciality. When the sea is the threat – Protection comes from the air.

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  • Cutting-edge capability and platform performance solution
  • Achieving ‘More With Less’ through high technology and intelligent design
  • Platform independence offering choice and flexibility
  • Cost-effective through life operation with opportunity for technology transfer
  • Bespoke support and logistics programmes tailored to best match customer needs
  • Saab is an expert in the integration of platforms, systems, weapons and ground support equipment
  • A unique maritime portfolio including submarines, surface vessels and torpedoes, we understand the maritime
  • Anti-Submarine Warfare
  • Anti-Surface unit Warfare
  • Long Range Search & Rescue
  • Combat Search & Rescue
  • Maritime Counter Terrorism
  • Anti-Piracy/Narcotics/People smuggling
  • Special Forces support
  • General Maritime Surveillance incl. EEZ monitoring and protection of national borders
  • Overland ISR