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Saab Group's A26 - The Disruptor

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The A26 submarine is subdivided into several units called modules. Each module is independently designed and built, enclosed and equipped with everything that the unit needs. The different modules are then tested and deployed outside the submarine, ready to be assembled at the right time.

A modular built submarine is a revolutionizing concept; a water vessel that changes its form to accommodate new technical advances or particular defence capabilities. Its key benefit being that it provides an amazing degree of operational flexibility, future-proofs the vessel and contributes significantly to cost-effective construction and assembly.

“The A26 will be known as the disruptor. In the future people will talk about how we built submarines before the A26 and after the A26”, says Gunnar Wieslander, Head of Saab Kockums, leading the world’s most modern submarine program.

The A26 can at any point during its operational lifespan of 30 to 40 years undergo changes in functionality by adding or removing sensors, payloads, engines or crew cabins. When it comes to adding hardware the A26’s hull has predefined joints where new hull sections can be plugged in. As a result the A26 can become both longer and heavier.