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KS-1 SAM of Myanmar Army

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Myanmar Receive First Batch SAM missiles HQ-12 / KS-1A 300w, 1024w, 360w, 750w" data-expand="700" />

Myanmar has received the first batch of air defense systems HQ-12 / KS-1A, reported Defense Studies. The first batch consists of 4 cars missile launchers, each of which can carry a pair of medium-range air defense missile this.

Myanmar Armed Forces have signed a contract to purchase four systems (consisting of a pair of missile launch vehicle 24) air defense system Kaishan 1A (KS-1A), the export variant of Hongqi 12 (HQ-12).

With the arrival of the missile system, Myanmar became the first country outside China that use the KS-1A. This missile can reach targets at a distance of 50 km of air and altitude of 27 km.

Kanwa Defense Review also said that Malaysia was originally planned to buy the KS-1A from China in the 2000s, but then failed to do after the KS-1A was not able to compete with missile systems SA-11 Buk from Russia.